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We are a modern company, who develop and produce hoof trimming chutes and accessories for professional hoof trimmers and farmers worldwide.


International Hoof Trimmers Meeting

Watch the video from the International Hoof Trimmers Meeting in Billund, Denmark. 116 hoof trimmers from 16 countries gathered for a weekend filled with interesting lectures, practical workshops and entertainment. 

See you in 2016!


Presentation video

We have recently launched the new presentation video of KVK Hydra Klov. The video tells about our background, histrory and the values that we appriciate and work for.

Please click on the picture below to see the video on YouTube.

Enjoy the video.



Thanks for visiting 30/03/2015 Thanks for visiting Following our open house we would like to thank all visitors. It was really nice to see so many interested, we hope you had a good time and had what you could drink and eat. Thanks for the many fine gifts we received.

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We've moved 09/01/2015 We've moved During New Year 2014/2015 we moved all our stuff, and are now in place at Morsøgade in Esbjerg.

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International Hoof Trimmers meeting. October 10-11th. Denmark 14/10/2014 International Hoof Trimmers meeting. October 10-11th. Denmark 115 participants were at the International Hoof Trimmers meeting in Denmark. 16 different countries were represented.

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Elmia Sweden 15/11/2013 Elmia Sweden KVK attended Elmia fair with Vettec from 23-26 October. There was a good interest for KVK´s Products. There was hoof trimming demonstration in a model 650 SP2 on the fair by Christer Bergsten, Maud Albrektson, Tove Birgersson og Joakim Olofsson. KVK wish to thank all the clients there visited our stand. A special thanks to the Swedish hoof trimming association for their participation on our stand during the fair. We experienced a positive atmosphere during the fair and we will be on Elmia Lantbruk, Djur & Inomgård 2015.

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AgroShow – Poland 10/10/2013 AgroShow – Poland KVK was on exhibition in Poland to the Agro Show 2013 together with our dealer Energetyk-Serwis Sp.z o.o. This was the first exhibition in Poland with products from KVK. There was good interest and we assume this will be a good market for us. We will thanks our dealer AgroSulca for a good exhibiting and the visitors there showed interest in KVK´s products.

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Mela Messe Germany 09/10/2013 Mela Messe Germany KVK was present at the Mela messe in Germany. There was many different shows. 80.000 person visited the exhibiting and the atmosphere was really good. There was a great interest for KVK´s products. We will say thanks to this people there visited our stand.

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Below you see upcoming events and fairs where KVK Hydra Klov will participate.